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A wet sprinkler system is the most common sprinkler system used for life safety protection because of its reliability, effectiveness, and low cost of maintenance. Life Safety Fire Protection is an expert in all aspects of sprinkler systems from installation to testing and routine maintenance, including fire pumps and backflow preventers, which are critical to effective operation and compliance with codes.

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How and WhySprinklers Are So Effective

Overhead pipes contain water under continuous pressure and terminate in a series of closed sprinklers. When a fire occurs, and produces a sufficient amount of heat, sprinklers discharge immediately preventing fast developing fires from becoming dangerously large, while simultaneously sounding an alarm. Wet sprinklers stop fires from growing undetected and generating the intense heat, which can trap and kill building occupants.

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because fire pumps are essential

Life Safety Fire Protection knows fire pumps. An automatic fire pump provides the pressure and water volume necessary for a sprinkler system to operate properly in large buildings, high rises, warehouses, and other commercial or industrial applications. Because a fire pump is a large capital expenditure, you need an experienced partner like Life Safety Fire Protection to select the best and most cost-efficient fire pump for your system and facility. Whether the pump you need is a horizontal split case, vertical split case, vertical inline, vertical turbine, or end suction, we specify it, install it, inspect it, and test it for operational efficiency. We recognize that a fire pump is a critical piece of the life safety puzzle, and provides affordable inspection, maintenance and repair to keep your pump operating reliably.

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Backflow Preventers

Backflow prevention assemblies are required on potable water lines serving fire sprinkler systems, fire service standpipes, and fire hydrants. These devices prevent the reverse flow of water that could contaminate the water supply. Backflow preventers are also used when sprinkler systems are connected to non-potable public water supplies, especially when the systems are interconnected with alternative sources of water or when antifreeze or other chemicals have been added.

Life Safety Fire Protection designers and technicians will select the proper backflow valves for your sprinkler system, or repair or retrofit a malfunctioning backflow device to keep your system compliant and functioning properly.

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The team at Life Safety Fire Protection has one mission: protecting lives and property. Protecting your home, your family, your business, and all you hold dear. We do this by providing a host of fire protection services for both commercial and residential customers. From system design and installation, to testing and maintenance.

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